Cosmetic Dentistry: It’s About More Than Looks

What does cosmetic dentistry mean to you? If you’re like many of us, the term conjures up an image of a celebrity with a perfect smile. Most people categorize cosmetic dentistry along with plastic surgery and believe it’s for people who are obsessed with their appearance. What if we were to tell you that, beyond aesthetics, cosmetic dentistry has health benefits? In fact, most dental treatments that are considered to be primarily for cosmetic purposes also improve your health.

Improve Your Smile and Your Life

It’s Not Too Late To Change Your Smile For The Better

With the start of the new year around the corner, now is the perfect time to learn more about how you can improve your oral health. Whether you are looking to restore the function of your teeth or change their appearance, we are here to help. We know that we have patients who have been delaying treatment or inquiring about their options to change their smile. Whether you have been postponing a dental treatment due to age or financial reasons, we are here to tell you that it is never too late to improve your oral health.

Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

How To Get A Picture-Perfect Smile

Do you look at celebrities and stare enviously at their smiles, wishing yours looked the same? There is one cosmetic dentistry treatment that is often referred to as “the movie star treatment” because many celebrities and movie stars have received this procedure to improve their smiles. This cosmetic dentistry treatment is called porcelain veneers. Interested in learning more about how porcelain veneers can improve your smile? Read on to learn more.

Dental Implants at Bozeman Gentle Dentistry

Are You A Candidate For Dental Implants?

At Bozeman Gentle Dentistry, we want to help our patients get their smiles back if they are dealing with severe decay or tooth loss. We never want a patient to feel like they have to avoid smiling or talking closely with others or cover up their mouths because they are self-conscious. We also want our patients to find the perfect treatments for their problems. One treatment that is popular among many of our patients is dental implant placement. Over the years, more patients than ever have been eligible to receive dental implants. Dental implants employ a unique system that anchors a metal post into the jawbone, which ultimately fuses to it and becomes the perfect base for a natural-looking tooth structure, such as a dental crown, to blend in perfectly with your other natural teeth.

Explore Your Tooth Replacement Options at Bozeman Gentle Dentistry

3 Tooth Replacement Options You Should Know About

When our patients experience tooth loss, we know it can be a difficult process, but we are here every step of the way to restore your tooth and give you a smile you can be proud to show off. While you may not have experienced tooth loss at this point in your life, there is a chance that you or a loved one may experience it in the future. Our goal is to help our patients choose a tooth replacement option that will be beneficial to their lifestyle. We want to share some information about some of the tooth replacement options we offer, as we know the decision can be overwhelming. Read on to learn more.

Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

Importance Of Replacing Missing Teeth

Do you have a missing tooth and are wondering if you should replace it? Patients are often eager to replace a front tooth as soon as possible but don’t have the same sense of urgency when replacing a back tooth. It is equally as important to replace a front tooth as it is to replace a back tooth. The only teeth that don’t need to be replaced are wisdom teeth and teeth that are removed for orthodontic purposes.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments at Bozeman Gentle Dentistry

4 Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments You Should Know About

With the arrival of summer fast approaching, we know that many of our patients have upcoming events that they may want to look good for. Even if you don’t have an upcoming event and would love to improve your smile, we are here to help! We are proud to offer a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can bring about any change that you would like to see in your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is a treatment that can be used to improve the color, shape, size, and placement of the teeth. Thanks to advancements in dental treatments and technology, we are able to help more patients than ever before. Read on to learn more about the treatments we offer.

What Is a Dental Crown?

Is A Crown The Solution?

One of the most common treatments that patients need to restore their oral health is a dental crown. Are you or a loved one in need of a dental crown, and you have been postponing your appointment? It can be unnerving to need a dental procedure, especially if you are unfamiliar with the treatment. We want to share more about dental crowns and the importance of being diligent with scheduling and receiving the treatment. Read on to learn more about how a dental crown can restore your oral health.

Let Us Help You at Bozeman Gentle Dentistry

Let Us Help You Make An Important Decision

Have you or a loved one experienced tooth loss and have yet to choose a tooth replacement option? We know that dealing with tooth loss, whether it is from severe decay, a medical condition, or trauma to the mouth, can leave patients with many emotions. It can be overwhelming to choose a tooth replacement option while experiencing these feelings and trying to determine the expense as well as the need for your lifestyle. Although we provide a number of wonderful options to replace teeth, there is one choice that is popular among patients and provides a number of benefits. Read on to learn more about dental implants and how they can restore your smile.