If you have had severe trauma or other damage to your mouth, you may be missing most or all of your teeth. You likely have trouble chewing and eating properly because of this, and you may also be embarrassed about the state of your teeth. One solution to this problem is Dentures.

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Benefits of Dentures

Modern dentures are ultra-natural-looking and comfortable. They are easy to wear and care for, and they restore nearly full function to your mouth. With a full or partial denture, you should be able to chew, bite, smile, speak, and laugh without a problem. Most people won’t even be able to tell that they are not your natural teeth.

Types of Dentures

A full denture replaces all the teeth on the bottom or top arch. A partial denture replaces missing teeth in different spots around your mouth, either on the top or bottom arch. Depending on your personal situation, Dr. Murphy will recommend the best option for you.

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The Aesthetics of Dentures

Dentures look like natural teeth but are made with an acrylic or metal base that rests on the gum tissue and are held in place with a denture adhesive. Dentures can also be supported by implants. This type of denture is permanent and cannot be removed.

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My mission is to provide a comfortable, caring environment where you can expect to receive the most thorough and gentle care possible. I will take the time to learn what goals you wish to achieve, and we can also address any fear, guilt, or embarrassment you may be feeling that is preventing you from achieving those goals.

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If you are missing several teeth or all of your teeth, you don’t have to live in discomfort and shame. Ask Dr. Murphy about the tooth replacement options available at Bozeman Gentle Dentistry and be on your way to better oral health and a happier life!