Has a bad dental experience kept you from getting the Dental Care you deserve and need?

Dr. Cassandra Murphy can help you manage your dental anxiety

Your dental health is too important to neglect because of anxiety or nervousness. That is why Dr. Cassandra Murphy specializes in caring for patients who experience fear of dental procedures and dentists in general.

It’s Alright to Feel Anxious About the Dentist

Dental fear is common. You are not alone! However, when fear keeps you from getting the proper healthcare you need and deserve, that’s when it becomes a problem. Many dentists choose to address dental fear and anxiety with sedatives. At Bozeman Gentle Dentistry, we do things differently.

Sedation dentistry may be appropriate in certain situations, but it should not be used as a catchall solution for anyone who is anxious about receiving dental treatment. Sedation may calm a patient down for the time being to get them through treatment, but it does nothing to help them feel better about receiving dental care in the future.

Where Does Dental Fear Come From?

For many patients, fear of dental treatment and visiting the dentist comes from past experiences that were negative, frightening, or traumatic. Unfortunately, there are some dentists and dental professionals out there who are less than empathetic when it comes to patients’ feelings, and they don’t consider that a traumatic experience can affect you whether you are a child or an adult, and the fear or anxiety that results is a serious matter that should never be shrugged off or ignored.

Dr. Murphy and her team are compassionate and caring. In fact, Dr. Murphy makes a special point to talk to every patient she treats to learn about their past experiences and their current concerns. She understands that not everyone associates the dentist with positive feelings, and she also understands that it takes time, patience, and true concern to change that.

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Dr. Murphy

Meet Your Bozeman Dentist

My mission is to provide a comfortable, caring environment where you can expect to receive the most thorough and gentle care possible. I will take the time to learn what goals you wish to achieve, and we can also address any fear, guilt, or embarrassment you may be feeling that is preventing you from achieving those goals.

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Meet Dr. Murphy

We’ve got you!

For so many people, injections and needles are frightening. Sometimes, it is because they fear the pain associated with getting stuck, and sometimes it’s because they had a traumatic experience involving a healthcare professional who didn’t do their job very well. No matter the reason, if you do not like needles or injections, we have ways to administer numbing medication so that you do not have to be afraid or feel anxious. A very specific numbing jelly, in particular, is one way we can numb a patient before a procedure. It is absolutely effective, and patients tell us they can’t feel a thing when we use it.

Comfort is Key

Of course, there are many reasons why people fear the dentist. The atmosphere can be hectic and noisy, with intimidating machines and tools everywhere, bright lights, strange noises, and people you don’t know.

If you have sensory issues or just feel anxious in new or unfamiliar situations, we understand, and we want to help. Please tell us about your feelings, and we will do anything we can to help you feel more at ease while undergoing treatment. We will gladly explain any tool, piece of equipment, or procedure to you to help you understand and feel more comfortable with it. We also have amenities you can take advantage of, such as TVs and headphones, if you need a distraction. And we will always check in with you along the way to make sure you are alright. If you ever need a break during a procedure, all you need to do is give us a signal, and we will stop until you are ready to proceed, because your comfort means more to us than anything else.


If you have any amount of fear or anxiety around dental treatment or the dentist’s office, please let us know. At Bozeman Gentle Dentistry, we specialize in treating patients who have had bad dental experiences in the past, and we want to help you have only positive ones from now on!