Dental Implants in Bozeman, MT

Replace missing teeth and restore your beautiful smile for life with dental implants!

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Are you living with tooth loss? Get your smile back! Dental implants are the world’s leading tooth loss solution, with high success rates for adult patients who are living with the loss of one or more teeth. At Bozeman Gentle Dentistry, we offer implants to replace missing teeth and restore your healthy bite!

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How Dental Implants Work

The function of a dental implant is to act as a replacement tooth root and hold your artificial tooth. The implant, known as an endosteal implant, is surgically inserted into the jawbone. We recommend this type of implant for patients with adequate jawbone density to support the implant.

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During Your Implant Surgery

Implants are placed in a simple outpatient procedure. Your dentist will place the implant posts in your jaw beneath the gum line. Once your implants have been placed, your mouth will need some time to heal before the replacement tooth can be placed. The artificial tooth is called a dental crown and is made of porcelain or ceramic to seamlessly restore your smile.

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The Benefits of Implants

Because implants are permanent and stable replacement teeth, you’ll be able to speak, laugh, and eat your favorite foods with confidence again. Implants are also made from biocompatible titanium, with natural properties that allow it to fuse to your jawbone tissue. This helps to maintain the structure and density of your jaw.

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My mission is to provide a comfortable, caring environment where you can expect to receive the most thorough and gentle care possible. I will take the time to learn what goals you wish to achieve, and we can also address any fear, guilt, or embarrassment you may be feeling that is preventing you from achieving those goals.

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Meet Dr. Murphy

We Think Seeing the Dentist Should Be Simple

Seems like a no-brainer! Here at Bozeman Gentle Dentistry, we want seeing the dentist to be as easy as possible. You should feel heard, appreciated, and respected during every step of your visit. See how we make dentistry better for all our patients.

Easy Scheduling

Be seen when it’s most convenient for you and your family thanks to convenient, online appointment requests and flexible scheduling options. No more rushing to the dentist or trying to find the time.

Modern Convenience

Your visit should be stress-free, not stressful! Enjoy the convenience of mobile booking, digital forms, easy payment options, and much more.

State-of-the-art Technology

We use the latest equipment and treatments that modern dentistry has to offer, providing you with effective care for a lasting smile. Our treatments are designed to make you feel comfortable at all times.

Affordable Smile Makeovers

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Includes X-rays, a comprehensive exam, and a cleaning.

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Frequently asked Questions

What happens if I don’t get an implant?

Missing teeth make it difficult to chew your food properly, which can lead to digestive problems and nutritional deficiencies. After you lose a tooth, your jaw will also begin to shrink and cause your facial muscles to sag.

Do implants hurt?

Getting an implant is a minor surgical procedure, during which Dr. Murphy will insert the implants into your jawbone. Be sure to follow the postoperative care instructions we provide you to ensure a comfortable recovery.

How many appointments will it take to get implants?

You will visit our office 3-4 times during your dental implant treatment experience. The full process includes your initial consultation, treatment planning, surgery, and follow-ups to check on your progress.

Bozeman Gentle Dentistry is here to see you smile!